White Knights Rowen

We first met Rowen, one of a litter of six perfect puppies, in June. We received  a very warm welcome from Annette and her family (humans and dogs) and had no doubt that this was the correct breeder for us. 

All the puppies and the adult dogs were obviously superbly cared for and had wonderful temperaments.

Rowen and her new best friend

In July we collected Rowen. Apart from being travel sick on the way to our home (130 k away) there were no problems and she settled into our home amazingly quickly. She loves our black Labrador and they can be seen romping round our garden every day. Rowen is popular with our friends and neighbours and mixes very happily with the many young people who visit our son. She is also adaptable and has already enjoyed a campervan holiday in Switzerland and Italy - happily exploring the new smells that these countries presented.


Rowen is a happy, contended and affectionate puppy who thoroughly enjoys the attention she so deservedly receives.

(Kirby family)

Enjoying a fuss
and a swim (she loves the water)